lunes, 22 de agosto de 2016

Tips to start enjoying the present while you are moving towards your goal

Even when we think things are not happening as we would like or perhaps is taking a little longer than we had planned, things in the end become true. And although it is difficult to understand, the truth is that what we have worked so hard for sooner or later will come to us.

Remember that although we are focused on what we love so much, it requires a lot of energy and people to achieve it. Because nothing is going to happen on its own. That's why is so important that while things have not materialize yet, enjoy the journey.

Sometimes we despair for something that we have or we have not yet received that we miss the opportunity to enjoy our present and everything it has with itself, like our family, friends, the place where we are, etc. But do not worry, you're not the only one who has felt that way nor is something unsolvable, the truth is that there are simple practices that can be done every day to start not only enjoy now, but knowing how to wait for the wonders that are coming to us.

Practice these tips when you feel that nothing is coming to you:

1- When you open your eyes thanks for today, bless it and plans the activities you will do. You can repeat affirmations like: "Thank you for this day, thank you for my healtyhy body which is fully awake and ready to start the day. Today will be a wonderful day, I'm going to be my best and everything will be fine. I know that wonderful things are coming my way. Everything is well in my life"

2- Plan your day and stay tuned for all your activities.

3- Stop negative thoughts. If you find yourself at some point complaining about something, change immediately that thought with a positive one.

4- Stay focused on your goals. Whatever your goal might be, you must visualize it every day, knowing that although it will take time to become true, you won't stop following it.

5- Enjoy the path. Always keep present to have fun, spend time with family and friends, celebrate the smallest things and go out to relax. All that and a good balanced diet and exercise practice, will let you enjoy the path in peace.

And remember that your dreams are about to be fulfilled, so don't let your focus make you frustrated. Enjoy the blessings that brings you the present.

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