miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2016

Love yourself, even in the darkness

The fact that you're living this situation now does not mean it's going to be like this all your life. Everything is constantly changing, the same way that your life is changing. Although you can not see it, this moment also has wonderful things for you, things to learn and something to teach.

Tranquility is your best defense, use it to live this moment calmly so you can look more clearly everything that life is offering to you, knowing that better experiences will come to you to experience. For now nurture yourself with experiences and learn to enjoy life with what you have in your hands right now, what comes next will be to be enjoyed later, for now just enjoy the moment.

lunes, 22 de agosto de 2016

Tips to start enjoying the present while you are moving towards your goal

Even when we think things are not happening as we would like or perhaps is taking a little longer than we had planned, things in the end become true. And although it is difficult to understand, the truth is that what we have worked so hard for sooner or later will come to us.

Remember that although we are focused on what we love so much, it requires a lot of energy and people to achieve it. Because nothing is going to happen on its own. That's why is so important that while things have not materialize yet, enjoy the journey.

Sometimes we despair for something that we have or we have not yet received that we miss the opportunity to enjoy our present and everything it has with itself, like our family, friends, the place where we are, etc. But do not worry, you're not the only one who has felt that way nor is something unsolvable, the truth is that there are simple practices that can be done every day to start not only enjoy now, but knowing how to wait for the wonders that are coming to us.