miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2016

Love yourself, even in the darkness

The fact that you're living this situation now does not mean it's going to be like this all your life. Everything is constantly changing, the same way that your life is changing. Although you can not see it, this moment also has wonderful things for you, things to learn and something to teach.

Tranquility is your best defense, use it to live this moment calmly so you can look more clearly everything that life is offering to you, knowing that better experiences will come to you to experience. For now nurture yourself with experiences and learn to enjoy life with what you have in your hands right now, what comes next will be to be enjoyed later, for now just enjoy the moment.

Things will not change with despair or complain, things will improve when you learn to love your life in all its forms, having more or having less, being here or being there. When you learn to love your being even in difficult times, it is when your life will completely make sense and the light in you will shine in all its splendor, because you will have discovered the greatness that dwells in your being.

So if you're going through adversity do not be discouraged, even this will pass, but above all learn to love yourself and to love your life even when times are not the best.

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