lunes, 20 de junio de 2016

Be free and let others be free

Freedom is the word that has resonated the most in me in the last 6 months. For those who know me, you know the immense transformation that I have experienced, for those who do not, I will I tell you all about it, soon when my website is ready.

The fact is that life has put me face to face with my freedom, living situations where I had to open my wings and fly to overcome experiences, and sometimes with all the pain in my heart I had to let others expand their wings and catch flight (in some cases, has been to life I've had to let be free). In each of those experiences I realized that while I allowed myself to jump I could fly higher and got the opportunity to know another part of me, an Alessandra that surprises more and more everyday. However I still have much to learn about myself.

Even when freedom is the most important thing and I can tell you and please memorize this: "freedom is the purest form of love"
because, once you let everything be free it means that you accept and love it as such as it is. But this shouldn’t confuse you, to be free and let others to be free does not mean you have to break your own limits, because for more free we are we must be clear what our limits are, where we are going and where we are not. What we like and what we do not.

When you let others to be free, because you recognize that pure soul with a mission, you know you should respect that person and accept her/him as is, that does not mean you have to be with that person, especially if that person steals your tranquility, your calm and go over the limits of your freedom.

So even when I speak of freedom, I celebrate and promote it, it is important that we make it clear that: 1- We are not talking about debauchery and 2- to accept the fact that the freedom of others it doesn't mean you have to stay around that person. Your freedom comes first.

With this reflection I just want to invite you to think of how much you practice your freedom and how much you motivate others to be free. Remember that what you are and you promote is what your world will become.

With love and freedom, 


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