miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2015

The most trendy phrase...

This year has been a roller coaster for me. Full of all kinds of experiences, from beautiful and rewarding, to harsh and shocking.

The fact is that this year was full of learning, because each experience left me something big. The funny thing of all (to speak with a slightly mocking tone) is that I spent the year giving strength to myself, looking in the mirror and repeating all the affirmation of the book by Louise Hay, doing yoga and meditating every week. I put effort again and again to get ahead "alone" of everything that happened to me.

I had some sticky phrases this year: "You are strong Alessandra". And the very popular one:
"What does not kill you will make you stronger." And there on the mighty river I was traveling the road thinking I’ll do this alone. Well after all I wrote a motivational book, so never hurts to give encouragement to yourself!

But a funny thing happened to me, just now when I am among my continuously thinking and my internal pep talk I thought of talking to God, but in another way. Because the thing is, I talk to him/her all the time, but always to say the same thing: “Don’t worry I will get over this" (I think God calls me Macgyver by now) Well today was different, today I told him to help me, to guide me and to send me a miracle, yes because I realized that one can’t do everything by oneself. This is the time to work as a team. I was then entered into an aha! moment and I realized that I haven’t talked to God that way in so long, mainly because I had recorded the saying that: "As you pray move your feet" and I wanted to move them all the time so nobody would call me lazy, well something like that.

This little incident reminded me of something very large and often forgotten: "We are not alone". And better yet: "God is here to help us". And with these phrases I say goodbye to 2015 knowing that even if I have to move my feet I also trust that there is always someone around to help.

So no more to say, I wish you a happy and blessed Christmas and a beautiful new year!! 

PS. Don’t forget to ask for help this coming year if you feel like you need to!

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